Physical activity after age 50

Physical activity after age 50

Physical activity after age 50

Physical activity after age 50
Physical activity after age 50

Finding ourselves at an advanced age is mass cut pro no excuse to stop training our body on a frequent basis. Doing physical activity after age 50 is essential to maintain good health and it has many other benefits. Today we will teach everything there is to know about exercise at that age.

Why exercise when we turn 50?.

As we mentioned earlier, taking physical activity after 50 years brings different benefits, among which are:

  1. To lose weight

The more years go by, the weight gain begins to become more noticeable because of the slowing down of the metabolism. To maintain a visually healthy figure and take care of health it is important to burn the extra calories.

  1. To increase muscle mass

Strengthen our muscles at this age is essential to improve metabolism, take care of the joints and stay strong for the future. The aforementioned weight gain is also accompanied by the loss of muscle mass in an accelerated manner, and in the same way, the practice of physical activity combats it.

  1. For coordination

It will not do us any good to have the proper physical condition if we do not have control over our muscles or movements. There are different exercises that will help us with this.

  1. To move better

Having the elderly so close, makes us lose different faculties. Maintaining adequate physical activity will allow us to have good mobility for longer. The same goes for elasticity.

What kind of exercises can a person older than 50 include in their routine?

Strength exercises
  1. Strength exercises

As mentioned, increasing muscle mass after 50 years is a feasible fact, and we can achieve this if we include strength exercises at least twice a week. There should be about 10 exercises of 10 repetitions for each one, and that they work the shoulders, the arms, the abdomen and the legs.

To meet these exercises we can help all the equipment we have available, from weights to machines, always increasing the weight progressively with the passing of training. It is advisable to also resort to other activities such as cycling or martial arts to complement the increase of our strength.

  1. Resistance exercises

Add also at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises 5 days a week is beneficial to our cardiovascular health and develop resistance. In this section we are totally free to choose the kind of sport that we like the most suitable to work the resistance, we can opt for ball sports such as football or basketball or other kinds such as jogging or cycling.

Bear in mind that when exercised by people over 50 years we should have a heart rate between 85 and 145 beats per minute, so you have to keep a record all the time of this data. To do this we only have to take the pulse for 10 seconds and multiply it by 6.

  1. Exercises for flexibility and coordination

These two aspects are fundamental to maintaining an acceptable quality of life even during the following years. What we must do to work flexibility and coordination are stretching exercises that do not have the greatest difficulty.

We can start with the typical stretches in one place that work several muscles at a time, holding them for 20 seconds without moving. Some techniques that we should put into practice would be to touch the fingertips as long as possible or walk on the heels in a small space, to name a few examples

Other beneficial activities

In addition to the routines of exercise and the practice of a sport, we can also complement our healthy life with some activities that are just as fun and enriching as they are beneficial, among which we can mention:

  1. Go for a walk
Go for a walk

Nothing like a good walk in our favourite place to clear the mind and keep us entertained while our body is benefiting from a low-intensity exercise. Taking the dog for half an hour a day does not require the greatest physical demand and in return gives us a perfect complement to the sports routine.

  1. Go swimming

Swimming is a super entertaining exercise and is one of the most complete that exists since it works almost all the muscles of the body while doing cardio. It is an activity that we are recommended to do frequently for people of 50 years or more since there is practically no risk of suffering any type of injury in the water. A perfect activity to get all the juice during the summer.

Through this article, we have told you about why physical activity after age 50. Thank you for reading this article.

important notice – Our goal is to provide information only, not to recommend any medication, treatment, home remedies. Only a doctor can give you good medical advice because no one is better than them.

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