immunity power of children

immunity power of children Today we will talk about how to increase the immunity power of children. Children’s bodies are very soft, so they are vaccinated at birth. Due to which immunity can develop. Children’s immunity is very low, so during the cold season and flu season, young children fall prey to this disease. We all know that our children […]

Best multivitamin for men

Best multivitamin for men The best multivitamin for men supplement can be an easy way to make sure you meet all your vitamin needs. Various vitamins all play different roles in your body and ensure you are free from any key to staying healthy. The bodies of men and women are also different and the best multivitamin for him may […]

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Daily yogasanas during pregnancy keep you healthy and helps keep the mind and body focused during childbirth. By doing Yogasan daily, your body stays active and prevents most common complications in pregnancy such as constipation and vomiting. Daily yoga eliminates tension in the body, increasing the chances of a healthy birth. Pressure is released from the uterus, cervical canal, and […]


Pregnancy Every woman, of childbearing age, wants to be aware of the early signs of pregnancy so that she can have the right journey during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period of nine months in the life of each woman, making her the perfect woman for her as she carries a new life within her. Ignorance of symptoms can lead […]

Homeopathy and Allopathy

Homeopathy and Allopathy Today we will talk about homeopathy and allopathy medicines and the difference between homeopathy and allopathy. .. There are many types of medical systems in the world like Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda, etc. If we talk about our country i.e. India, here you will find doctors of homeopathy and doctors of Ayurveda. What is Homeopathy Let’s start with […]

Child Growth and Development Stages

Child Growth and Development Stages Every mother is well aware of Child Growth and Development Stages before the child reaches one year of age. She knows when her baby should hold her head, how many months to stay straight, and so on. The situation changes when he reaches the age of one. Few parents can confidently say how old their […]

Stress and Anxiety

I feel depressed! How often do you say that to yourself or to someone else? Stress and Anxiety is everywhere – it’s part of life. The strategy for managing stress lies in understanding what it is, and the consequences it can have on your body and mind. Armed with this knowledge, it is possible to use a variety of techniques […]

Kidney Disease

What is kidney disease Our kidneys are a marvel of creation. they’re rather more complex than we are able to imagine, and that they always work without looking too small at us until something goes wrong. Both small organs are found within the lower back on either side of the spine. Their main purpose is to filter the blood and regulate potassium, salt, and acid levels. The filter structures are small […]

Weight Loss With Yoga

Can you succeed in weight loss with yoga? yet effective is weight loss with yoga? The origin of yoga goes back thousands of years to yogis and monks in the Republic of India. Yoga symbolizes physical and mental union. That is why yoga is so popular in many parts of the world. In addition to the various health benefits, yoga […]


How often do you feel depressed? When was the last time you felt that the world was falling apart for you? How would you like to get out of it all and relax your mind, body, and spirit? Millions of people worldwide have high levels of stress in their lives. They do not know how to prevent that from happening. […]

best drinks for women’s health

It is important for ladies to be healthy, they ought to work all day. Getting up early in the morning, getting the children ready for college, making breakfast, cooking for the husband. And modern-day women work outside the house. He takes care of everyone except himself…. and on balance this, he’s unable to require care of his body which ultimately […]

Men’s Hair problem

Men’s Hair problem Every year, millions of men suffer from hair loss and baldness. This problem is a common problem of men’s hair, how many bald men between the ages of 20 and 25, This problem is not only for men but also for women, but only men are victims of barbers. …. knows It should be noted that only […]

10 Immune-boosting nutritional foods

Immune-boosting nutritional foods We are a lot of people who remain carefree about their health, while good health is the biggest capital of our life. Nothing is more important than our health Our elders often say don’t eat it, eat Immune-boosting nutritional-foods green vegetables, but we ignore their words and often eat only those which have a bad effect on […]

Black Fungus(Covid 19)

Black Fungus The coronavirus has not even ended yet another new disease has emerged black fungus. The first wave of the corona at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi yielded 2-3 cases of mucormycosis. But in the second wave of Corona, other such cases arose in other parts of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh. Corona as well as black fungus are […]

4 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Some people will not understand that they are living an unhealthy life. to make it worse, most of them are a unit of the target area but do nothing to fix it. does the person belong to the current group? lift yourself up. There is no need to […]


COVID-19 Covid-19 is a terrifying, unpredictable global epidemic. Some people recover, and some people – kill the lungs in a deadly way. We have seen that it is not only the elderly and those with existing conditions who are affected by the virus. Is there a possibility of this dreaded epidemic and global HIV epidemic – can we do more […]


What is the disorder of the syndrome? Autism Spectrum Disorder is an innate process disorder that causes significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. There is nothing about the fact that people with ASD exist that distinguishes them from people, but those with ASD (autism) are able to communicate, interact and behave and most people are able to learn in classroom […]