Ear infections in babies

Ear infections in babies Ear infections in babies one of the most common diseases. Antibiotics are a standard treatment given to most pediatricians for ear infections. However, recent studies indicate that treating patients with symptoms of ear infections without antibiotics is as quick as that given with antibiotics. Children who have not been given antibiotics also show in the study […]

kids height and weight chart

kids height and weight chart Kids grow up so fast. How can you track kids’ height and weight chart? You can use it to measure the height with a pencil, mark on the front of the door, on the wall, or at the door on the left shoulder. However, these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are to […]

Child psychologist

Child psychologist Child psychologists are known to treat children as well as adolescents t children who are just in their puberty stages. They help children recover from psychological stress that they may face due to the divorce of parents, molestation, close death of a loved one, and other situations. What do child psychologists do?  Child psychologists are known to review […]

How to brush your teeth

brush your teeth Brushing your teeth is not the only thing you do to have a white smile and a fresh breath. Keeping your teeth clean is also important in keeping your teeth and body healthy. On the right side of this, it is very important that you brush your teeth thoroughly. However, not many people realize that there is […]

immunity power of children

immunity power of children Today we will talk about how to increase the immunity power of children. Children’s bodies are very soft, so they are vaccinated at birth. Due to which immunity can develop. Children’s immunity is very low, so during the cold season and flu season, young children fall prey to this disease. We all know that our children […]

Child Growth and Development Stages

Child Growth and Development Stages Every mother is well aware of Child Growth and Development Stages before the child reaches one year of age. She knows when her baby should hold her head, how many months to stay straight, and so on. The situation changes when he reaches the age of one. Few parents can confidently say how old their […]