kids height and weight chart

kids height and weight chart

kids height and weight chart

kids height and weight chart

Kids grow up so fast. How can you track kids’ height and weight chart? You can use it to measure the height with a pencil, mark on the front of the door, on the wall, or at the door on the left shoulder. However, these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are to paint a wall or door, you may lose track of the development of the children. It’s a fast, easy and convenient way to get your kids developing over the last years, wall-mounted growth rate. If you ever need to move, you can just take it with you.

Keep track of the development of the children is good for their health. For example, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is a mid-measurement of body fat, it is calculated as the ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of the height in meters. It is used to assess underweight, overweight, and at risk of being overweight. While it does not actually measure body fat percentage, this is a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is.

Growth rate tracking can help to detect growth disorders and to treat them. While growth is a problem, it is not usually the initial situation, before the diagnosis, and the treatment can help the children catch up with their peers.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, a visit to their doctor. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor may refer the child for the child to go to an endocrinologist, who can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of specific growth disorders.

No child grows up to be absolutely even during the early years. Weeks or months of slightly slower growth alternate with growth spurts in normal children. Baby’s grow up a bit faster in the spring than at other times of the year.

What can parents do? There are many things that you can do to help your child to grow and develop normally, and by the peace, good diet, and the right exercise. There is also a need to monitor their business growth.


It is to keep track of children’s development, with an increase of the network diagram, it can be a lot of fun. They can be placed on the wall in your room. They can be a great design in the room of your child. They can be large, colorful paintings on the walls, which you and your kids will have a lot of fun to watch them grow up.

First, the Daily Growth Charts are laminated, durable prints that can be taken out of the wall. The wall growth chart is a great gift for your child. These signs will last for years to come, and your kids will enjoy them for many years to come.

Help Kids Grow Tall Naturally







Are you looking for a proven, height enhancement, tips to naturally improve your baby’s height? Did you know that just with the help of children, and improving the quality of their sleep habits, of course, increases the release of growth hormone? Human growth hormone is actively released into the blood circulation, to increase and strengthen their bones.

It is very important that they and their children will be able to help you in the critical years of growth. Children are, of course, is to grow more quickly when they are in the puberty stage. Their food and activities will be of vital importance to achieving the maximum growth potential for when they grow up.

As soon as the children reach the peak of production of the human growth hormone, and their levels begin to decline with age. Natural human growth hormone has been responsible for not only our growth, but will also be useful to provide us with energy, and, therefore, it is very important for our body to replenish low levels so that they do not suffer due to reduced bone strength, as well as the low-energy levels as they get older.

A lot of people don’t know is that the growth hormone helps to keep your heart healthy and maintain an ideal human weight. It plays a direct role in the mobilization of fat in the human body. Did you know that if you don’t stop it or not, you will be eating fatty foods, you will only stop it, or stop your growth? That is why if you want to substantially increase their growth, and you should be careful about what you consume from now on.

If you really want to help your child to boost their natural growth in a safe and secure way, and encourage them to be physically active and exercise regularly. In fact, there are basic and advanced exercises that, if performed on a regular basis, can increase the height of the extension of the cervical spine and the lower limbs. These are the more level-headed and practical, the growth tips are for the purchase of high-priced shoes, and accessories to increase your height.

Foods that help in increasing the height

Eggs and chicken

Eggs and chicken have a high protein content. High in protein and contains protein by weight. A lot of parents are concerned about cholesterol levels can have a negative impact on their children’s health. However, this should not be a problem, as you can see the limit for your child’s cholesterol intake to reduce the consumption of eggs in order to have only one or two times a day.

Whole Grains

Whole grains, grains, dal, and vegetables are a good source of protein, iron, and vitamin C. All of these nutrients contribute to the development of the child and speed up the metabolism. If you would like to boost your baby’s height, dal, and vegetables in your daily diet.


All kinds of fruit and are regarded as superfoods because of their high nutrient content. Seasonal fruits are rich in minerals and low in fat. This is one of the most useful products for those who want to improve the immune system and enhance the body’s metabolism


Spinach is a highly sought-after in the list of the most healthy food for kids due to high quantities of calcium and iron. These are two of the details that have been mentioned, that it is very important to help the children grow. Spinach is easy to digest.


Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which stimulates the synthesis of proteins in the human body. The vitamin A content, it is, in the first place, if the carrots are eaten raw. There are, however, the children may be looking at a raw piece of carrot. To help your child to benefit from a vitamin a, diet, parents can use it to prepare a variety of dishes. For example, you can make carrot juice, and then add a sweetener or flavoring. You can also slice the carrots and add them to the beef, pork, or chicken.


Fresh milk at the health of the baby food list, because it is very high in calcium, which is very important for the formation and growth of bones. Milk is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Even though milk consumption, is not a guarantee of growth, and there isn’t enough of it in the body, the child will develop symptoms of a slow growth rate. You should, therefore, encourage your children to drink as much milk as possible.

Black Soybean

Soy is high in protein and has a healthy diet. Black soybean has a high protein content and is therefore recognized as one of the best foods for the kids if you want them to grow larger and larger.

Chart for female babies

female babies
0-3 months49.2 cm – 59.9 cm 2.8 kg – 6.0 kg / 7.3 lb – 13.3 lb
4-6 months62.2 cm – 64.1 cm 6.6 kg – 7.5 kg / 14.6 lb – 16.6 lb
7-9 months67.3 cm – 70.1 cm 7.9 kg – 8.5 kg / 17.4 lb – 18.8 lb
10-12 months71.6 cm – 74.1 cm8.8 kg – 9.2 kg / 19.4 lb -20.4 lb
1-2 years75.1 cm – 85.5 cm9.5 kg – 12.5 kg / 21.0 lb – 25.9 lb
3-4 years94 cm – 100.3 cm14.2 kg – 15.4 kg / 31.5 lb – 34.0 lb

Chart for female kids

5-6 years107.9 cm – 115.5 cm17.9 kg – 20.0 kg / 39.5 lb – 44.0 lb
7-8 years121.1 cm – 128.2 cm22.4 kg – 25.8 kg / 49.5 lb- 57.0 lb
9-10 years133.3 cm- 138.4 cm28.1 kg – 31.9 kg / 62.0 lb – 70.5 lb
11-12 years144 cm – 149.8 cm36.9 kg – 41.5 kg / 81.5 lb – 91.5 lb

Chart for female teens

Ageheight weight
13-14 years156.7 cm – 158.7 cm45.8 kg – 47.6 kg / 101.0 lb – 105.0 lb
15-16 years159.7 cm – 162.5 cm52.1 kg – 53.5 kg / 115.0 lb – 118.0 lb
17-18 years162.5 cm – 163 cm54.4 kg – 56.7 kg / 120.0 lb – 125.0 lb

Chart for male babies

male babies
0-3 months49.8 cm – 61.4 cm2.8 kg – 6.4 kg 6.7 lb – 13.3 lb
4-6 months64 cm – 67.5 cm7 kg – 7.9 kg / 15.4 lb – 17.5 lb
7-9 months69 cm – 71.8 cm8.3 kg – 8.9 kg 18.3 lb – 19.6 lb
10-12 months73.1 cm – 75.8 cm9.1 kg – 9.6 kg / 20.1 lb -21.3  lb
1-2 years76.9 cm – 86.8 cm9.9 kg – 12.5 kg / 21.8  lb – 27.5 lb
3-4 years95.2 cm – 102.3 cm14.0 kg – 16.3 kg / 31.0 lb – 36.0 lb

Chart for male kids

5-6 years109.2 cm – 115.5 cm18.4 kg – 20.6 kg 40.5 lb – 45.5  lb
7-8 years121.9 cm – 128.0 cm22.9 kg – 25.6 kg 50.5 lb- 56.5 lb
9-10 years133.3 cm- 138.4 cm28.6 kg – 32.2 kg 63.0 lb – 70.5  lb
11-12 years143.5 cm – 149.1 cm35.6 kg – 39.9 kg / 78.5 lb – 88.5 lb

Chart for male teens

13-14 years156.2 cm – 163.8 cm45.3 kg – 50.8 kg 100.0 lb – 112.0 lb
15-16 years170.1 cm – 173.4 cm56.0 kg – 60.8 kg123.5 lb – 134.0 lb
17-18 years175.2 cm – 176.0 cm64.4 kg – 66.9 kg / 142.0 lb – 147.5 lb

Questions New Parents Ask:

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Are they eating too much?
Is my baby obese?
Is my baby sleeping enough?
Should my baby be talking or walking?
Does my baby show signs of autism, hearing deficiency, or other childhood illness? All Answer here baby development

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