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Hemorrhoid (Piles)

Hemorrhoid (Piles)

Hemorrhoid meaning


Hemorrhoid means that a person has a condition in which the arteries around the neck or lower part become swollen and swollen. This can result in straining the bowels to move. The most common people who get hemorrhoids are pregnant women, aging people, chronic constipation or diarrhea, and anal intercourse.

Hemorrhoids occur either inside the anus or under the skin around the anus. they are usually internal or external. There are creams and medicines for external problems; However, internal hemorrhoids may result in surgery or other procedures to remove them.

How many type of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are classified according to their physical appearance or symptoms. Hemorrhoids are broadly divided into two types – internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Lack of defecation even after applying more pressure while defecating and bleeding with defecation is also the main reason for this disease. It is also called piles. In this disease, warts come out in the anus, which comes out with bleeding while defecating and give a lot of pain.

internal hemorrhoids

internal hemorrhoid is found inside the anus and is usually painless. The most common symptom of an internal hemorrhoid is blood clots. Hemorrhoids are divided into degrees and the internal form is first degree.

The first stage of an internal hemorrhoid is painless and can cause bleeding. If you have a first degree you should start treating yourself immediately. However, because it is difficult to detect symptoms, those who suffer in the first degree often explode. This brings us to the second level which means that, during constipation, the filter will cause internal hemorrhoids to come out and withdraw. Level 3 means that hemorrhoid remains outside unless it is returned to the body in the rectum. The four degrees are the last and worst of all which means that hemorrhoid stays out even after attempts to implant it physically.

external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids usually occur whenever increased pressure is found within the external hemorrhoidal arteries. When the arteries around the genitals become swollen and swollen, a person may show symptoms, including buttocks, bleeding, and severe pain. Pregnancy, obesity, cirrhosis, and constipation are some of the conditions that can cause hemorrhoids. But the good news is, treating external hemorrhoid fever is now easier. Treatment options are plentiful and often include proper diet, modified bowel habits, home remedies, herbs, and surgery.

what are the symptoms of hemorrhoid



This is a very embarrassing symptom as this desire to scratch the anus can occur anywhere and anytime. Swollen mucous membranes in the blood vessels of the hemorrhoids can release mucus that causes irritation of the skin around the anus which has led to itching of the genitals. However you should resist the urge to scratch because itching can cause hemorrhoids to tear and bleed, and itching can also cause irritation of the arteries.

Visible swelling around the anus

External hemorrhoids can be seen with the naked eye as external swelling around the anus opening. If not treated properly, blood clots can form within this external inflammation which makes the inflammation more painful and more severe. This condition is known as external hemorrhoids, when it becomes thrombosed the swelling of the pile becomes dark in color.

Bloody stools

Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids will experience some bleeding during bowel movements. They often see blood in the toilet bowl after passing the feces or they may see signs of blood in their cell after defecation or they may see blood stains erasing those they use to cleanse after defecation. Unpleasant bleeding during urination is the most common symptom of hemorrhoids.

A false sensation of incomplete bowel movements

Internal hemorrhoids can be associated with this false sense of desire even if the bowels are empty. You feel like you want to urinate, but when you get to the toilet nothing comes out, this symptom is medically known as tenesmus. These swollen blood vessels in the inner wall of the anus give a false sense of fullness of blood, where the more inflammation there is when there is a false desire to relieve themselves.


External forms of hemorrhoids are often more painful than internal hemorrhoids. This is because the area of ​​the body outside and near the anal orifice where it is found is rich in sensitive sensations of pain. The inner wall of the anus cannot be properly protected by sensitive nerve endings so internal hemorrhoids are rarely painful. They only cause pain when they are very old and form cracked hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoid causes

Medical conditions 
There are a variety of medical conditions that can be caused by hemorrhoids such as heart and liver diseases because they can cause bleeding in the abdomen and pelvic area which leads to enlargement of the arteries and to the development of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids caused by health conditions should be taken seriously as appropriate medications are needed to treat this type of hemorrhoids.

Lifting weights 
Lifting heavy weights and holding your breath when lifting heavy objects is also a cause of hemorrhoids. These types of activities can cause a significant increase in blood pressure and therefore make it more prone to inflammation.
Improper bowel movement 
Hemorrhoids are created to quickly complete bowel movements. Rushing to get rid of bowel movements can cause a lot of difficulty in the lining of the toilet wall and therefore cause inflammation.
Obesity or overweight 
obesity is a common cause of hemorrhoids because too much weight especially on the abdomen and buttocks can increase genital pressure.
Standing or prolonged sitting 
Increased pressure in the arteries due to prolonged sitting and prolonged standing can cause blood to coagulate in the anus and can lead to hemorrhoids. Especially for pregnant women, prolonged exposure to a certain area should be avoided to prevent the development of hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are also advised to lie on their sides to reduce pressure on the back and body parts.

Pregnancy and childbirth 
Pregnancy is a common cause of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy increase blood flow to the waist and relax the supporting tissues and thus increase the risk of inflammation and inflammation. The developing fetus causes more pressure on the arteries and more pressure on the lower part of the body to cause inflammation. Hemorrhoids can also develop after childbirth because constipation can occur during childbirth.

Cancer and tumor 
 A lump in the pelvic area is also a cause of hemorrhoids but this condition is more common.
Diarrhea and constipation
These conditions increase the pressure on the arteries and may cause stiffness during bowel movements. Constipation is a common cause of hemorrhoids because it causes constipation. Pregnant women often have hemorrhoids because one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is constipation.

hemorrhoid how to treat

Treating hemorrhoids is not so difficult to do but you need to be very careful in choosing a product that is right for your specific needs. Treatment for hemorrhoids comes at a price, but the key to finding the right treatment is in your hands. Because you are the one who will choose the right kind of treatment for your needs. Not only does a pregnant woman need to choose the right type of treatment, but you also need to ask your doctor if she is on the right path.

Hemorrhoids can occur in men and women of all ages which is why you need to understand them and know some treatment options that can help them. Pregnant women are more prone to hemorrhoids due to increased pressure in the genital area while holding their baby. It is not fun to have hemorrhoids, which is why you need to know how to treat hemorrhoids. It is very common for pregnant women to have hemorrhoids not only because of the pressure in the rectangle but also because of constipation. How to treat hemorrhoids at home during pregnancy is very important, and here are some helpful tips you can use:

You can use hazel stores in drug stores. By using cotton, apply it to your hemorrhoid to reduce bleeding, inflammation and pain.

There are also special pads that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. These pads are safe for pregnant women and are also easy to use compared to other products. Tuck Medicated Pads are the most popular on the market.

Add warm water for about 20 minutes. You can also sit in warm water in the bathtub to eliminate swelling and pain. You can always do this because there are no other ingredients you need to use other than warm water.

You can also use baking soda to treat hemorrhoids. It will stop the pain and discomfort you have.

You don’t have to stay long because it won’t help you. Hemorrhoids will not heal if you sit for long periods of time and will increase your discomfort.

Preparation H can also help you not only to stop the inflammation but also to eliminate the pain.

Eat foods rich in fiber and drink plenty of water to prevent constipation.

hemorrhoid home remedies


Home remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids such as changing your daily routine can help reduce the symptoms of this condition. This can help prevent the progression of symptoms because the most common cause of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation. Some are caused by too much liver. Some foods and vitamin supplements can help, such as:

  • alfalfa
  • molasses
  • Cleansing
  • green vegetables with green leaves
  • Vitamin K is a rich food
  • A hot sitz bath
  • iron ingredients
  • Complex B vitamins
  • Vitamin C

Other contributing factors are obesity, allergies, lack of exercise, and inadequate dietary fiber. By using home remedies, the body will be able to get better treatment. Eating foods high in fiber and loading fluids can help control the bowels. Also, when blood is purified, it blocks blood clots.

important notice – Our goal is to provide information only, not to recommend any medication, treatment, home remedies. Only a doctor can give you good medical advice because no one is better than them.

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