Hemorrhoid (Piles)

Hemorrhoid meaning Hemorrhoid means that a person has a condition in which the arteries around the neck or lower part become swollen and swollen. This can result in straining the bowels to move. The most common people who get hemorrhoids are pregnant women, aging people, chronic constipation or diarrhea, and anal intercourse. Hemorrhoids occur either inside the anus or under […]

Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever Typhoid Fever is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by a bacterial infection. The disease is highly associated with hygiene and is most common in areas where there is no sanitation. symtoms of typhoid fever are similar to the flu. Typhoid fever is a generalized infection caused by a virus called E. Tryphosa. It is transmitted through […]

Eye Disease

Eye Disease Eye disease is always a problem that needs to be addressed; some may be small and fleeting while others may lead to permanent loss of vision. So protecting your eyes from common eye diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders, and eye infections, is essential in our daily lives. Below are some tips to prevent these common eye diseases: […]

Bp range normal

Bp range normal This is a question that thousands of people search for every day. We all want our blood pressure to be normal. Blood pressure varies slightly in each age group, in children, in youth, in the elderly. What should be your Bp range normal? We understand you with the help of charts Bp range normal Both of Men […]

Kidney stone symptoms

kidney stone symptoms If you are leading a healthy life and suddenly you are diagnosed with a painful disease like a kidney stone, it is naturally a shock! Now, stomach ache is something that we all experience at some point or the other. Thus, we do not go to the doctor immediately. But if you experience kidney stone symptoms. for […]

Breast cancer signs

Breast cancer signs Knowing the breast cancer signs, we can do it in time, if you will be aware of this disease, then you can avoid it by getting treatment at the right time, here are some breast cancer signs that you need to know Lump Change in chest size A Dent in the Nipple Lactation and skin rash Distraction […]

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections This may seem a very easy question. It is an infection of the system that creates urine in the kidneys and then along the ureters, into the bladder, and then down the urethra. Urinary tract infections, sometimes referred to as cystitis if it relates to a bladder infection, are the second commonest form of infection. Why is […]


Headaches There are many reasons for a headache such as sitting too long, playing too long in the sun, or a lump in your head. However, in some circumstances, the headache is more frequent or occurs with different symptoms. Headaches can have a wide range of causes and ranges of severity. You will need to perceive how one can inform […]

How to Reduce Cholesterol

How to Reduce Cholesterol Our health is tied to our kitchen. This statement is especially true for people struggling with high cholesterol. How to Reduce Cholesterol Eat Special Foods Exercise Taking a Cholesterol-Lowering Supplement The first rule of lowering your cholesterol in the kitchen is the opposite – is there food in your kitchen that contains a lot of unhealthy […]


Allergies and Allergy Types and Symptoms If you’re to find out about Allergies and Allergy Types and Symptoms one of the best factors it is best to do that is to start out by studying allergies types and causes. Allergic reactions are quite common and have an effect on tens of millions of individuals all over the world. Due to […]

How to Control Uric Acid Levels

How to Control Uric Acid Levels When uric acid increases in the body, it is important to first know how to control uric acid levels. Excessive ranges of uric acid within the blood, additionally known as hyperuricemia, may result from both elevated manufacturing of uric acid within the physique or decreased excretion of it via the kidneys. It may additionally […]

5 Tips For Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones form the basis of life as we know in our body. They give us structure, help us stand, and keep everything in its place. It is important to give them maximum love and attention. With diet and exercise, you can build your bones to be bigger and stronger. What is Osteoporosis Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a condition […]

Hemoglobin: hemoglobin level, 7 easy-to-find foods

Hemoglobin Hemoglobin is a metal-rich protein present in your red blood cells. Its function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, thus helping to make living cells in your body. Hemoglobin also helps to carry carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs. Given the important role of hemoglobin in keeping us healthy, it is important to […]


Diabetes (Blood sugar) is a condition in which your blood sugar (glucose) levels are higher than normal. This is due to the inability of glucose to enter your cells. As a result, your cells are hungry for their food (glucose). Simply put, it is like a hungry person who has a lot of food but cannot eat. Are there different […]

Stress and Anxiety

I feel depressed! How often do you say that to yourself or to someone else? Stress and Anxiety is everywhere – it’s part of life. The strategy for managing stress lies in understanding what it is, and the consequences it can have on your body and mind. Armed with this knowledge, it is possible to use a variety of techniques […]

Kidney Disease

What is kidney disease Our kidneys are a marvel of creation. they’re rather more complex than we are able to imagine, and that they always work without looking too small at us until something goes wrong. Both small organs are found within the lower back on either side of the spine. Their main purpose is to filter the blood and regulate potassium, salt, and acid levels. The filter structures are small […]

Black Fungus(Covid 19)

Black Fungus The coronavirus has not even ended yet another new disease has emerged black fungus. The first wave of the corona at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi yielded 2-3 cases of mucormycosis. But in the second wave of Corona, other such cases arose in other parts of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh. Corona as well as black fungus are […]

4 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Some people will not understand that they are living an unhealthy life. to make it worse, most of them are a unit of the target area but do nothing to fix it. does the person belong to the current group? lift yourself up. There is no need to […]


COVID-19 Covid-19 is a terrifying, unpredictable global epidemic. Some people recover, and some people – kill the lungs in a deadly way. We have seen that it is not only the elderly and those with existing conditions who are affected by the virus. Is there a possibility of this dreaded epidemic and global HIV epidemic – can we do more […]


What is the disorder of the syndrome? Autism Spectrum Disorder is an innate process disorder that causes significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. There is nothing about the fact that people with ASD exist that distinguishes them from people, but those with ASD (autism) are able to communicate, interact and behave and most people are able to learn in classroom […]