Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet


Blood Type Diet

What is the Blood Type Diet ?

Blood type diet and it is argued that the ABO blood type is the most important factor in determining a healthy human diet.

What is involved in a blood type diet?

Foods suggest that food lectins react differently to different blood types, some forming antigens that cause reactions as if they were an invader or an allergen. With this in mind, you are advised to avoid certain foods and to eat other foods depending on your blood type A, B, O, or AB.

  • Group A is called Cultivator which means eating a lot of vegetables and very red meat. This can only be done by a vegetarian.
  • Group B is called Nomad, which includes many dairy-based foods. It is not recommended that other groups consume dairy products.
  • Group O, called Hunter, is said to be the oldest blood type, and a high-protein diet is recommended.
  • Group AB is Enigma and is between A and B.

Due to the action of lectins there is a long list of foods that should and should not be eaten for each blood type.

Does the blood type really work?


It has been reported that these diets have a 70% success rate depending on improved health conditions and/or weight loss. Keep in mind that these results do not come from independent research and therefore there may be bias. There is no analysis of results from people who have tried to eat or read his book and there do not appear to be any formal tests.

It is possible that the positive effects reported are because the diet may be more appropriate for those people or they may not know what they are eating. Avoiding certain foods helps them lose weight and regain health for whatever reason.

90% of people will be in groups A, O, and AB where dairy products are not recommended. Most processed foods contain milk in some way, including solid milk, lactose, and whey. Is this really related to blood type?

Is there anything wrong with a blood type diet?

Medical scientists think that lectins in food do not act in the way that lectins are released and do not produce hateful reactions to antigens or antibodies in food. No link was found between blood type and allergy or.

If you decide that you are interested in this diet, you should be willing to work with the complexity of this diet. It will not suit everyone and, like any diet, it is recommended that you be advised to consult your doctor before making any changes.

Blood type diets are determined by blood type. It is very important to know the difference to reduce the reaction of lectins.

Blood type O


Blood type o is the first type of human blood type. Members of this group are recommended to eat a high-protein diet. Do not eat wheat, corn, lentils, kidney beans, sea beans, cabbage, shoots, Brussels, cauliflower, and mustard vegetables. You should eat seafood, kelp, liver, salt, red meat, spinach, kale, and broccoli to lose weight. Reduce consumption of legumes, grains, and beans. allowed to eat fruit, fish, vegetables, and meat.

  • Risk factors: Ulcer, inflammatory disease e.g. arthritis
  • Recommended exercises: Vigorous and strenuous exercise, martial arts, weights, running

Blood type A

Blood type A

Blood type A is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and not to eat red meat. You should eat lots of vegetables. It is recommended that you eat vegetables, seafood, tofu, grains, fruits, beans, and legumes. Do not eat eating meat, dairy products, lima beans, kidney beans, and wheat. You should eat soy foods, vegetables, pineapple, and vegetable oils.

  • Risk factors: Cancer, heart disease
  • Recommended Exercise: Gentle Exercise, Yoga, Golf

Blood type B

Blood type B

Blood type B diet profile is a moderate omnivore. You are allowed to eat dairy products, beans, whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and meat (but not chicken). Foods that need to be avoided are peanuts, maize, lentils, sesame, flour, seeds, and wheat. It is highly recommended that you eat eggs, venison, licenses, tea, vegetables, and liver.

  • Risk factors: Bacteria attack the nervous system
  • Recommended Exercise: Moderate Exercise, Walking, Swimming

Blood type AB


Blood type AB is a combination between types A and B. You are allowed to eat seafood, meat, tofu, milk, legumes, and beans. Foods to avoid kidney beans, red meat, seeds, lima beans, buckwheat, and corn. You should eat milk, tofu, seafood, kelp, vegetables, pineapple to lose weight.

  • Risk features: A + B features
  • Recommended Exercise: Peaceful exercise, relaxation techniques

Follow a diet based on blood type to maximize the effect of your diet plan. I hope you can get good results from this type of diet.

important notice – Our goal is to provide information only, not to recommend any medication, treatment, home remedies. Only a doctor can give you good medical advice because no one is better than them.

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