best eye doctors

best eye doctors

best eye doctors

Here is Delhi and Mumbai best eye doctors list you can search here your city name

best eye doctors
Nameclinicaddressphone no
Dr. Abhishek SharmaBloom Vision ClinicDwarka Sec 12 , Delhi080 4568 6725
Dr. Ankush MutrejaEye 4 UDwarka Sec - 9, Delhi011 4307 8886
Dr. Anju GuptaEYE CAREShalimar Bagh, Delhi011 4117 2177
Dr. Nikhil PalMax Multi Speciality Centre - Panchsheel ParkPanchsheel Park, Delhi080 4947 5024
Dr. Aman MalikVista Eye CareRajouri Garden, Delhi011 4084 8469
Dr. Tyag Murti SharmaI-Create Centre for Eye, Cosmetic, Skin &LasersJanakpuri, Delhi011 4116 8518
Ext. 035
Dr. Alaka Priyadarsini DashShree Netram Eye Care CentreDwarka Sector 17, Delhi080 3729 6908
Ext. 223
Dr. Laxman VekariaI-Create Centre for Eye, Cosmetic, Skin &LasersJanakpuri, Delhi011 4116 8518
Ext. 035
Dr. Ravi ThadaniRavi Eye FoundationJanakpuri, Delhi011 4307 8975
Dr. Manav SachdevNoble Eye ClinicDwarka Sector 23, Delhi011 4116 9534
Ext. 953
Dr. Pooja MehtaPulastya Skin And Eye ClinicEast Of Kailash, Delhi011 4119 4344
Dr. Vaibhav KhannaKhanna Medicare CentrePatel Nagar West, Delhi011 4118 8588
Dr. Neeraj WadhwaForesight Eye ClinicMalviya Nagar, Delhi011 6126 3359
Dr. Yogesh SolankiYogesh Eye CentreRohini, Delhi011 4123 6973
Dr. R P SinghIndraprastha Apollo HospitalsSarita Vihar, Delhi011 4307 8257
Ext. 703
Dr. Somya IshTheia Eye Care ClinicSafdarjung Enclave, Delhi011 4221 3466
Ext. 418
Dr. Neha Goel
Tetravue Superspeciality Eye Centre
Bali Nagar, Delhi011 4307 8632
Ext. 107
Dr. Abhiyan Kumar PattnaikDr. Pattnaik's Laser Eye InstituteLajpat Nagar, Delhi011 4084 8572
Dr. Ashiwini SethApollo Spectra HospitalsKarol Bagh, Delhi080 4947 5027
Dr. Nabin Kumar PattnaikDr. Pattnaik's Laser Eye InstituteLajpat Nagar, Delhi011 4084 8572
Dr. Ashu Agarwal
Indraprastha Apollo HospitalsSarita Vihar, Delhi011 4307 8257 Ext. 703
Dr. Medha RajyanDr Gupta's The EYE and ENT ClinicJanakpuri, Delhi011 4307 8910
Ext. 232
Dr. Poonam GuptaKesar HospitalShalimar Bagh, Delhi011 4307 8632
Ext. 317
Dr. Aniel MalhotraIndraprastha Apollo HospitalsSarita Vihar, Delhi011 4307 8257
Ext. 703
Dr. Sanjiv GuptaI Care CentreSafdarjung Development Area, Delhi011 4119 4080
Dr. Rasheena Bansal Pattnaik
Dr. Pattnaik's Laser Eye InstituteLajpat Nagar, Delhi011 4084 8572
Dr. Ranjana MittalIndraprastha Apollo HospitalsSarita Vihar, Delhi011 4307 8257
Ext. 703
Dr. L R SethIndraprastha Apollo HospitalsSarita Vihar, Delhi011 4307 8257
Ext. 703
Dr. Navin SakhujaDr. Navin Sakhuja Eye clinicPanchsheel Park, Delhi011 4084 9470
Dr. Meetu BansalForesight Eye ClinicMalviya Nagar, Delhi011 6126 3359
Dr. Jatin AsharMumbai Eye Care Cornea and Lasik CentreGhatkopar East, Mumbai080 4568 7675
Dr. Quresh MaskatiMaskati Eye ClinicCharni Road, Mumbai022 4896 8622
Ext. 972
Dr. Minali GoyalGoyal Eye CareWorli, Mumbai022 7187 3607
Dr. Sunita MohanApollo Spectra HospitalsChembur, Mumbai080 4947 5027
Dr. Himanshu MehtaThe Vission Eye CenterJuhu, Mumbai080 3729 8998
Ext. 694
Dr. Vidhan C DoshiVismit Eye Care and PolyclinicAndheri East, Mumbai022 4893 3097
Dr. Bhavesh GohilClear Vision Eye ClinicWadala, Mumbai080 3729 8999
Ext. 884
Dr. Seema Behl
Smart Vision Eye ClinicAndheri East, Mumbai022 4893 3151
Dr. Darshan V. ChudgarDr. Chudgar's I Care CentreGhatkopar East, Mumbai022 4939 8288
Ext. 380
Dr. Janaki KodkaniOpticura Eye ClinicBandra West, Mumbai020 4855 3855
Dr. Nikhil NastaI Sight Eyecare and SurgeryDadar East, Mumbai022 7187 3533
Dr. Rushabh ShahThe Eye ClinicGirgaon, Mumbai022 4893 3646
Ext. 572
Dr. Reshma JhaveriSure Sight Eye CareJuhu, Mumbai080 3729 8999
Ext. 805
Dr. P SureshFortis HospitalMulund West, Mumbai020 7118 7391
Dr. Girija SureshFortis HospitalMulund West, Mumbai020 7118 7391
Dr. Ryan DSouzaCEDS Eye HospitalBandra West, Mumbai011 4224 6451
Ext. 026
Dr. Shradha GoelArohi Eye HospitalAndheri West, Mumbai020 4855 3382
Dr. Tanvi Mayur PatelDr. Tanvi's ClinicJuhu, Mumbai022 7187 3696
Ext. 423
Dr. Rajesh MishraR&R EYE CARE SIONSion West, Mumbai020 7118 5853
Ext. 779
Dr. Devanshi ShahDr.Devanshi Shah Eye and Eye Plasty ClinicGhatkopar East, Mumbai022 4893 3547

Our eyes make us feel perfect as human beings because we feel free to move and see the things around us. Let’s take good care of our eyes so that they can work properly even when we are old.

Tips to Improve Eye Vision

Eye Exercise

Our bodies have an amazing magical ability to heal themselves. Usually, western medicine works to correct symptoms and not the cause of diseases or physical problems. This condition also occurs in the wearing of the eyes, which corrects the retardation problems of your eyes. The most common are short-sightedness, long-term vision, and astigmatism.

first exercise palms

Palming is more of relaxation, than an exercise in the eye. However, its value should not be overlooked. In our fast-paced society, we often use our eyesight, sit for hours in front of a computer, or hit books to pass tests. Rub the palms of your hands together until they are warm, then place them over your closed eyes for a moment to relax.

Eye Disease

second exercise is eye rotation

The first thing you need to do is rotate your eyes from side to side. Then comes the next thing you need to do. Learn to focus on different aspects of the eye. This will help to restore image strength to your eyeballs, which can help improve your vision.

last exercise to practice is to focus on things

Take a solid object, and place it at various distances and in front of you. Do not move or rotate your head, but instead turn your eyes to focus on something with churches and changing places. You will need a friend or partner to help you with this.

Top Causes of Eye Problems

Red Eyes

Red eyes can be a sign of another condition, such as conjunctivitis (pinkeye) or sun damage by not wearing shadows over the years. If the eye of the counter sells and you rest without removing it, see your doctor.

Eyestrain can do it, and so can last night, insomnia, or allergies. If the injury is the cause, check with your doctor.

The Lazy Eye

A lazy eye, or amblyopia, occurs when one eye does not grow properly. The eye is weak in the eye, and it is prone to walk “lazily” when the other eye is sitting still. It is found in children, children, and adults, and it is rarely touched by both eyes. Treatment requires an immediate search for infants and children.

Lifelong vision problems can be avoided if a lazy eye is diagnosed and treated at an early age. Treatment includes corrective glasses or contact lenses and the use of a patch or other technique to get the child to use the lazy eye.

Eyes of the Cross (Strabismus)

If your eyes are not aligned with each other when you look at something, you may have strabismus. You may hear it and it is also called cross-eyed or walleye eyes.

Blindness at Night

hard to see at night, especially while driving? It is a sign, not a problem in itself. Close vision, cataracts, keratoconus, and vitamin A deficiency all contribute to a type of blindness that can be corrected by doctors.

Some people are born with this condition, or it may be caused by a degenerative disease that affects the retina, and that is usually incurable. If you have one, you will need to be very careful in low-light areas.


Anyone who is studying for hours, working on a computer, or driving long distances knows this. It happens when you overuse your eyes. They are tired and need to rest, just like any other part of your body.

If your eyes feel troubled, give them time to relax. If they are still tired after a few days, check with your doctor to make sure it is not another problem.

Your doctor can diagnose it with a simple test. There is no cure for birth defects, but special contacts and mirrors can help some people distinguish between certain colors.

important notice – Our goal is to provide information only, not to recommend any medication, treatment, home remedies. Only a doctor can give you good medical advice because no one is better than them.

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