10 Immune-boosting nutritional foods

Immune-boosting nutritional foods We are a lot of people who remain carefree about their health, while good health is the biggest capital of our life. Nothing is more important than our health Our elders often say don’t eat it, eat Immune-boosting nutritional-foods green vegetables, but we ignore their words and often eat only those which have a bad effect on […]

Black Fungus(Covid 19)

Black Fungus The coronavirus has not even ended yet another new disease has emerged black fungus. The first wave of the corona at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi yielded 2-3 cases of mucormycosis. But in the second wave of Corona, other such cases arose in other parts of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh. Corona as well as black fungus are […]

4 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism Some people will not understand that they are living an unhealthy life. to make it worse, most of them are a unit of the target area but do nothing to fix it. does the person belong to the current group? lift yourself up. There is no need to […]


COVID-19 Covid-19 is a terrifying, unpredictable global epidemic. Some people recover, and some people – kill the lungs in a deadly way. We have seen that it is not only the elderly and those with existing conditions who are affected by the virus. Is there a possibility of this dreaded epidemic and global HIV epidemic – can we do more […]


What is the disorder of the syndrome? Autism Spectrum Disorder is an innate process disorder that causes significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. There is nothing about the fact that people with ASD exist that distinguishes them from people, but those with ASD (autism) are able to communicate, interact and behave and most people are able to learn in classroom […]